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British education emas us to develop fully the abilities of
individuals, for their own benefit and of society as a whole.
Compulsory schooling takes place between the agers of 5 and
16, but some pupils remain at shool for 2 years more, to prepare
for further higher education. Post shool education is organized
flaxebly, to provide a wide range of opportunities for academic
and vacational education and to continue studying through out
Administration of state schools is decentralised. The
department of education and science is responsible for national
education policy, but it doesn't run any schools, if doesn't
employ teachers, or prescribe corricular or textbooks. All shools
are given a considerable amount of freedom. According to the law
only one subject is compulsary. That is religious instruction.
Children recieve preschool education under the age of 5 in
nursery schools or in infant's classes in primary schools.
Most pupils receive free education finenst from public fonds
and the small proportions attend schools wholy independent. Most
independent schools are single-sex, but the number of mixing
schools is growing.
Education within the mantained schools system usually
comprises two stages: primary and secondary education. Primary
schools are subdevided into infant schools (ages 5 - 7), and
junior schools (ages 7 - 11). Infant schools are informal and
children are encouraged to read, write and make use of numbers
and develop the creative abilities. Primary children do all their
work with the same class teacher exept for PT and music. The work
is beist upon the pupils interests as far as possible.
The junior stage extence over four years. Children have set
pirits of arithmetic, reading, composition, history, geography
nature study and others. At this stage of schooling pupils were
often placed in A, B, C and D streams according their abilities.
The most able children were put in the A stream, the list able in
the D stream. Till reccantly most junior shool children had to
seat for the eleven-plus examination. It usually consisted of an
arithmetic paper and an entelligent test.
According to the results of the exam children are sent to
Grammar, Technical or Secondary modern schools.
So called comprehansive schools began to appear after World
War 2. They are muchly mixed schools which can provide education
for over 1000 pupils. Ideally they provide all the courses given
in Grammar, Technical and Secondary modern schools.
By the law all children must receive full-time education
between the ages of 5 and 16. Formally each child can remain a
school for a further 2 or 3 years and continue his studies in the
sixth form up to the age of 18 or 19. The course is usually
subdevided into the lower 6 and the upper 6. The corricular is
narrowed to 5 subjects of which a pupil can choose 2 or 3.
The main examinations for secondary school pupils are
general certeficate of education (the GCE) exam and certificate
of secondary education (the CSE) exam. The GSE exam is held at
two levels: ordinary level (0 level) and advanced level (A
Candidats set for 0 level papers at 15 - 16 years away. GCE
level is usually taken at the end on the sixth form. The CSE
level exam is taken after 5 years of secondary education by the
pupils who are of everage abilities of their age.
What I would like to become? This question pasels me
greatly. Every job has its elements of difficulties and interest.
I think that nearly all the professions are very important in
life. But to choose the right occupation is very difficult,
because we must take in to consideration many factors. We must
consider our personal taste and our kind of mind. At the same
time we must satisfy the requirements of our society and peoples
needs in one profession or another.
The end of school is the beginning of an independent life,
the beginning of a more serious examination. In order to pass
that very serious exam we must choose the road in life which will
help us best to live and work. Each boy and girl has every
opportunity to develop mind and use knowledge and education
received at school. Some may prefer to work in factories or
works, others want to go into construction: to take part in
building power stations and new towns. Many opportunities to work
and to satisfy at the same time the requirements of the society
and your own personal interest are offered in the sfere of the
services transport, communications and many others.
I have a specially liking for to became a programmist. I
like this profession because it very interest.
Speaking about art gallereys of London we should first of all

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